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Olivier Alonso, Chairman of Groupe Nestenn Immobilier, with more than 440 real estate agencies worldwide, including France where our head office is based, tells you about our real estate agency Nestenn in Miami.
Miami is a true cultural and financial center of international level, but also one of the cities most appreciated for its quality of life but also its real estate investments.

Jimmy Morose, our local representative, lives and works in real estate for several years on Miami and its region. His real estate agency in Miami is particularly dynamic.
He has the expertise to respond to all your real estate projects, whether you are buyers, sellers or tenants, and obviously speaks French and English!
So do not hesitate, contact our real estate agency by calling Nestenn Group headquarters in France (0 806 800 116), or directly our agency Nestenn Miami to phone (07 69 20 94 77) or email (



Our Nestenn real estate agency talks about property in Miami :

Our Nestenn estate agency has been established in Miami for several years now, just a few minutes outside Miami in Palmetto Bay, forming part of the French Nestenn estate agency group. We ourselves are French ex-pats, so we speak French. We work mainly with French-speaking clients but also with Americans; we have total knowledge of the regulations concerning investment or simply settling in Miami to live.
Our Miami real estate agency can offer everything from 100,000-dollar studios to 5,000,000-dollar luxury villas. Our clients range from Miami property investors to people seeking a second home in Florida.
Miami is a city in the United States, an international-level financial and cultural centre, located in the south-east of the State of Florida. The population of the main town in Miami County is estimated at over 440,000, making Miami the second main municipality in Florida after Jacksonville and the 44th city in the United States. This makes the property sector in Miami very buoyant. Miami is a city of leisure and pleasure, the ultimate seaside resort surrounded by a multitude of other famous resorts strung all along the route from Key West, the main urban hub of a vast conurbation of over 5,550,000 people, the seventh largest in the United States.
The property price rise in Miami is beginning to slow, especially for luxury properties. Miami property prices have shown a slight increase since 2012, but investors can still expect a net profit of 3% to 8% depending on the target property.
In 2019, buying property in Miami came in at between 2500 and 3900 euros per m2 of living area in town, according to district and the quality of the property. Better property purchase opportunities may, of course, be found in towns just a few minutes outside of Miami.
The tourist port is the major cruise shop port with one third of the world's fleet. Jimmy Morose, our Miami property agent, is here to answer any question you may have on property in Miami. With his experience and professionalism, he will make every effort to help you find the best properties at the best prices.

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Our real estate agency in Miami is part of the Nestenn Group, present in Metropolitan France, Corsica, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, Mauritius, and Miami in the United States. Every month, new Nestenn estate agencies are added to our network.

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